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Carer Watch
You have reached the campaign and discussion group at Carer Watch. This is an ongoing fight and we hope you will join the discussion here and help us campaign
Local carer groups
A section where local groups can post information and build a network of support.
Carer Watch Campaigns
Our ongoing and past campaigns.
ESA and the Coalition
We need to develop a campaign on ESA to take to the Coalition in September. Come and help here.
Carers and Welfare reform
How will the WRB proposals affect carers
DLA and the Coalition
Campaign to protect Disability Living Allowance
Carers and Caring
This is for Carer issues. Everything isn't about campaigning. Sometimes it's good to talk.
Other Organisations' Campaigns
Are you aware of other organisations' campaigns that Carerwatch might wish to endorse? This is the place to discuss and vote on them.
ESA - Workfare - Benefits Campaign - welcome everyone from Benefits and Work who wants to help get this new group for sick and disabled campaigners started.
What is the Government Up To?
What do you think they are really up to, what's good and what's bad, let us know if you know anything, do you have a theory, is it a cover up or genuine proposal?
What's Going On Out There?
A general chat and discussion forum about carer-related news and issues of interest.
Fot all the out of date topics posts.
GE campaign- Carers/disabled
Any new government needs to make some speed in deciding how to adequately fund family carers. Ten years of nothing was serious, TWENTY YEARS OF NOTHING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.
GE campaign - ESA
This campaign is asking for protection from threats and sanctions under ESA for the most seriously sick and disabled people. Shock news - we won this.
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